Darken Vol. 1


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There’s a war brewing in the Nine Hells, and Gort, the self-proclaimed Lord of Hellfire, intends to be on the winning side. Chosen to be the human champion of one of the great Devil Lords, which hasn’t exactly dampened his ego, he gathers his rag-tag crew of Drow, Dragons, Duchesses and more besides, and seeks out the artefacts that will help him rule the world!

At least… that’s the plan. As long as he can hold off the hosts of Heaven, travel across dimensions, and keep his own minions from backstabbing him and each other, it should be simple…

An amoral fantasy tale that can’t keep a straight face, this is the first of two volumes collecting the long-running webcomic Darken, which contains updated art, author commentaries, and other extras.

The first of two printed volumes of Darken, and the only time you’ll be able to see much of the older art updated to be cleaner and less terrible.

Black and white, 350 pages, which covers the first fourteen chapters.

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